Timber Lane Swim Club Hours of Operation

2021 Pool Hours of Operation

Timber Lane Swim Club Pool Rules

For the safety and courtesy of all members and guests, these rules must be followed.  The Lifeguards are charged with the responsibility of enforcing these rules and have the authority to suspend pool privileges.  Please review thse rules with all family members.


  • No Running on the pool deck (Concrete area around the pool)
  • No Smoking within the fenced area
  • No Alcohol or Drugs
  • No Glass on pool deck (exception is for Social functions/Adult parties)
  • No Diving in the shallow areas of the pool
  • No Congregating / playing in the bathrooms
  • No Abusive / vulgar or offensive language
  • No Abusing any Timber Lane property or equipment
  • No Disrupting pool operations / Disrespecting fellow members/guards
  • No Infants or toddlers in pools without approved suits (swimmies)
  • No Persons allowed in pool with open sores or contagious diseases
  • No Guests without payment, guard notification and member attendance
    • Guests must sign in / Members are responsible for the guests they bring
  • No Interfering with 'Lap Lane' swimmers
  • No Swimming "over" or "on top of" other swimmers during Swim Team practice
  • No Personal flotation devices Noodles/Kickboards/body-sized rafts allowed ONLY during Raft night and with the guards permission
  • No Children under the age of 12 are to be left unsupervised
  • No Dunking / Roughhousing / Horseplay
  • No Throwing objects that could result in injury
 Diving Board
  • Only ONE person at a time on the diving board
  • No excessive bouncing
  • No swimming under or hanging on the diving board
 Baby Pool
  • Baby pool rules posted on fence inside baby pool and must be adhered to
  • Parents and/or guardians are responsible for their children while in the baby pool
 Emergency Procedures
  • In the event of a pool emergency, the guard on duty will sound an air horn or whistle and all swimmers must clear the pool immediately as to not interfere with the guards.  Adults qualified in first aid/life saving may render assistance if needed.  The pool will remain clear until the guards give the OK to return.
 Parents and Guardians: As a reminder, you are responsible for the supervision of your children at all times.

Timber Lane Swim Club Directions

From I-95, exit at Marsh Rd. Go north on Marsh Rd for .3 miles to Baynard Blvd.  Make a left onto Baynard Blvd.  Go to your second left, approximately .25 mile, to Shellburne Dr.  Make a left onto Shellburne Dr.  At first stop, bear left onto Timber Lane.  The Swimming Club will be on your left, just past the next stop sign.

From Rt. 202, turn onto Murphy Rd.  Go straight through the intersection with Foulk Rd (Wawa on the right).  Murphy Rd. becomes Wilson Rd.  Stay on Wilson Rd. to Shipley Rd.  Make a right onto Shipley Rd.  Go straight on Shipley to first light, usually a caution light, and make a left onto Baynard Blvd.  Take Baynard to Shellburne Dr.  Make a right onto Shellburne.  At first stop, bear left onto Timber Lane.  The Swimming Club will be on your left, just past the next stop sign. 
For further information, call the pool at (302) 764-9988.